Edna McMillan Scholarships Awarded to Parent Advocates

Dr. Dorothy Sisk, founding member of the WCGTC and a long time supporter of the World Council, has awarded two $1000 parent scholarships to Lucia Riet and Rebecca Howell to attend the World Conference in Odense, Denmark. The scholarships are awarded in memory of former WCGTC Executive Committee member Edna McMillan, who also served as World Council Secretary and Vice President and passed away in 2012. The scholarships are awarded to parents who persistently advocate for gifted education in their communities. The scholarships help defray travel costs for parent advocates who would otherwise not be able to attend the World Conference. Lucia Riet is a trained psychologist and a passionate parent of two gifted children. She is originally from Uruguay but has lived for many years in Estonia. She has helped set up gifted programs in two schools, the International School of Estonia and the Tallinn English College. She also maintains her practice of counseling families with gifted issues. Rebecca Howell is from England and a parent of three gifted children which led to her working with Potential Plus UK (then NAGC-UK). Rebecca served as chair of her local PPUK committee, and answered and ran a government helpline. She also helped develop and set up a parent training program called “Parent Matters” and an educational assessment service. In her spare time she runs an online support group with approximately 650 members and organizes a “Big Day Out” event. Both recipients will give an individual presentation at the World Conference in Odense and also be part of a panel on parent issues. The WCGTC is grateful to Dr. Sisk for providing these scholarships to honor Edna McMillan’s service and assist “Parents Who Inspire” to attend the World Conference.

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