New WCGTC Delegate Selection Underway

WCGTC Delegate selection has started. WCGTC Headquarters will send selection instructions to the Delegate currently designated in charge of the in-country election. If no Delegate is listed in charge then the members from within a country shall determine who is responsible and ask for nominations. (If you would like to be a Delegate and do not hear from a country representative please contact us.) Self-nomination is allowed. Delegates promote the work of the World Council in their country. Delegates must be current paid members and reside in their home country, unless they are on temporary leave. Delegates serve for a two year term, or until successors are selected. There can be up to three delegates and one alternate from each country. If there are less than four members from a given country than all members from that country can be Delegates. An Assembly of the Delegates is held at the World Conference. It is helpful therefore if at least one Delegate from each country attends the biennial World Conference. The nominee deadline will be June 18, 2013. If you have any questions please contact WCGTC Headquarters at

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