Executive Committee Members Election Change

The WCGTC Executive Committee, in consultation with the Elections Committee, has been updating materials for the upcoming Presidential and Executive Committee Members elections. More about the elections will be forthcoming soon. In the meantime the EC wanted to alert the membership to a minor change in the EC Members election before proceeding. Under the World Council Bylaws “With the exception of the President, the six other members of the Executive Committee shall be elected on a staggered basis every two years; that normally means three at one given time.” Because a few years ago we had a member leave a term early, this election period there will actually be four vacancies. The Executive Committee has therefore voted that for the next EC Members election the member elected with the lowest number of votes only serve for two years. This way the following EC Members election will only have three vacancies again and we are back on a staggered basis which guarantees more continuity and sharing of experience. If you have any comments or questions about this change, please contact Tracy Harkins, WCGTC Executive Administrator, at headquarters@world-gifted.org or tracy.harkins@wku.edu by September 30, 2012. We encourage you to participate in the upcoming WCGTC elections and volunteer your time to leading this important and worthwhile organization

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