Gifted and Talented International 32(1) Now Available

Articles in this issue include:

  • Pentagram of habits: Considering science teachers’ conceptions of “habits of mind” associated with critical thinking in several of Iran’s special gifted schools – Mehdi Ghahremani, Sareh Karami & Philip Balcaen
  • Creativity and innovation in Iceland: Individual, environmental, and cultural variables – Barbara A. Kerr, Maxwell Birdnow, Jenelle Hallaert, Keely Alexander, Robyn Malmsten, Olivia Stull, J. D. Wright, Brittany Lucas, Rachel Swanson & Grace J. Claiborn
  • Exploring differences in creativity across academic majors for high-ability college students – Angie L. Miller & Veronica A. Smith
  • Control and resilience: The importance of an internal focus to maintain resilience in academically able students – Leonie Kronborg, Margaret Plunkett, Nicholas Gamble & Yvette Kaman

WCGTC Members will receive a copy of this issue in the mail. Members can also access the archives online by clicking here.

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