Gifted and Talented International, Volume 30, Online Now

Gifted and Talented International, Volume 30Gifted and Talented International, Volume 30 is now available online! Members may access the journal by visiting After you have logged in, you will be redirected to the Taylor & Francis website where you may view the various articles. Contents of the journal include:

  • Editorial – Barbara A. Kerr and Leonie Kronborg
  • What Contributes to Gifted Adolescent Females’ Talent Development at a High-Achieving, Secondary Girls’ School? – Charlotte Tweedale and Leonie Kronborg
  • Gender Differences in Self-Concept, Locus of Control, and Goal Orientation in Mexican High-Achieving Students – Angel Alberto Valdés-Cuervo, Pedro Antonio Sánchez-Escobedo, and María Dolores Valadez-Sierra
  • Creativity in Students’ Writing of Open-Ended Stories Across Ethnic, Gender, and Grade Groups: An Extension Study from Third to Fifth Grades – Abdulnasser A. Alhusaini and C. June Maker
  • Grade Skipping and the Achievements of Girls – Annette Heinbokel
  • Sources of Global Academic Self-Efficacy in Academically High-Achieving Females Before the Onset of Disordered Eating – Jennifer Krafchek and Leonie Kronborg
  • An Exploration of Women’s Engagement in Makerspaces – Vanessa Bean, Nicole Farmer, and Barbara Kerr
  • Academic Self-Concept, Achievement Goals, and Achievement: Is Their Relation the Same for Academic Achievers and Underachievers? – Franzis Preckel and Martin Brunner
  • Myth Busting: Do High-Performance Students Prefer Working Alone? – Cheryl L. Walker and Bruce M. Shore
  • Students’ Perceptions of Real Engagement in Active Problem-Solving – I-Chen Wu, Randal Pease, and C. June Maker
  • Current Status of Twice-Exceptional Students: A Look at Legislation and Policy in the United States – Nielsen Pereira, J. Dusteen Knotts, and Julia Link Roberts
  • Cultural Considerations for Twice-Exceptional Children from Asian Families – Soeun Park
  • Don’t Stress: What Do We Really Know About Teaching Gifted Children to Cope with Stress and Anxiety? – Steve Haberlin

Thank you to all of the authors who have contributed to this volume of GTI.

RoutledgeA special thank you to the team at Routledge, a part of the Taylor & Francis Group, that has helped make this first issue published by Routledge possible. Another thanks to the members of our Editorial Team who have worked diligently to put this volume together.

  • Barbara A. Kerr, Co-Editor
  • Leonie Kronborg, Co-Editor
  • Megan Foley-Nicpon, Associate Editor
  • C. June Maker, Associate Editor
  • Nielsen Pereira, Associate Editor
  • Franzis Preckel, Associate Editor
  • Ann Robinson, Associate Editor

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