GTI Volume 34 Available Now

Gifted and Talented International Volume 34 - Special Issue on Creativity in Gifted EducationVolume 34 of Gifted and Talented International is now available! This special issue focused on Creativity in Gifted Education. Thank you to the guest editors, Barbara A. Kerr and M. Alexandra Vuyk for their work. This volume includes:

  • Editorial Barbara Kerr and M. Alexandra Vuyk
  • Issues and opportunities when using rating scales to identify creatively gifted students: Applying an IRT approach Lisa M. Ridgley, Lisa DaVia Rubenstein, and W. Holmes Finch
  • Discovering the creativity of written works: The keywords study Burak Turkman and Mark A. Runco
  • Assessing creative productivity Hope E. Wilson and Lucinda Presley
  • The effects of models and instructions on children’s divergent thinking Lisa A. Bloom, Kristy K. Doss, Cameron Sastre, and Todd H. Martin
  • The relationship between mathematical creativity and intelligence: A study on gifted and general education students Nihat Gurl Kaheveci and Savaş Akgul
  • Fostering creativity using robotics among gifted primary school students Um Albaneen Yusuf Jamali
  • Raising the bar for mathematically gifted students through creativity-based mathematics instruction Joseph S. Kozlowski and Scott A. Chamberlin
  • Integrating creativity into career interventions for twice-exceptional students in the United States: A review of recent literature Ching-Lan Rosaline Lin and Megan Foley-Nicpon
  • Why do teachers connect better with some students than others? Exploring the influence of teachers’ creative-thinking preferences Serap Gurak-Ozdemir, Selcuk Acar, Gerard Puccio, and Cory Wright
  • Personality and vocational interests of creative adolescents from racial and ethnic minorities M. Alexandra Vuyk and Barbara A. Kerr

We hope you enjoy reading the latest articles in GTI. Thank you to each of the authors, our journal editors, and reviewers for their work in producing this issue of GTI!

Members may access the articles by clicking the button below.

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