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2017 WCGTC Biennial World Conference

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2.2 Keynote - Kirsi Tirri

Friday, 21 July 2017
16:00 - 17:00


Professor Kirsi Tirri
University of Helsinki

Holistic Perspectives on Gifted Education for the 21st Century

In many European countries, such as Finland, education aims to support the development of the whole person rather than merely the cognitive domain. This kind of education acknowledges the importance of social and affective domains in student development, including their emotional and spiritual concerns. In this presentation Kirsi Tirri emphasize three perspectives that are important also for the holistic education for gifted students in the 21st century. They include values and worldviews that help young people to find purpose into their lives; growth mindset for learning that promotes creative thinking and ethical skills that are needed to live a moral life.

Kirsi TirriDr. Kirsi Tirri is a Professor of Education and Research Director at the Department of Teacher Education at the University of Helsinki, Finland. She is the Chair of Doctoral Programme SEDUCE (School, Education, Society and Culture) and the Chairman of Finnish Academy of Science and Letters. She is also a visiting Professor at St. John’s University, New York, USA. Tirri has been the President of ECHA (European Council for High Ability) during 2008-2012 and the President of the SIG International Studies at AERA (American Educational Research Association) during 2010-2013. She serves on 13 Editorial Boards of educational journals. She has supervised 21 doctoral dissertations in education and theology and mentored many postdoctoral students who are now professors and researchers in education. She has led the Finnish team in many national and international research projects.


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