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2017 WCGTC Biennial World Conference

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2.1.2 A student perspective snapshot of life at James Ruse Agricultural High School, Sydney, Australia

James Ruse Agricultural High School is a beacon in our education system, as a school for the exceptionally and highly gifted. Programs exist to assist students to reach their potential in academia and to promote positive wellbeing, develop leadership skills and an awareness of global and social justice issues in a culturally diverse context. Students excel in various fields of endeavour as they are provided with a range of opportunities within the curriculum and in the extra-curricular environment. The school has achieved first place in the NSW HSC merit list for the past 21 years.


Sandra Fernandez
James Ruse Agricultural high School

Sandra is a Science /Chemistry teacher who has been teaching in the NSW Public Education system for 30 years in both comprehensive and selective high schools. Sandra has convened and facilitated a variety of programs for GAT students at these schools and advocated for GATS education for many years. She was the recipient of a NSW Premier’s Scholarship in Science Education in 2006 and a BHP-Billiton Science Teacher Award in 2008. Sandra currently teaches Science/Chemistry and is a Year Advisor at James Ruse Agricultural High School.

Megan Connors
James Ruse Agricultural High School

Megan Connors is the Principal of James Ruse Agricultural High School. Her passions lie in ensuring that gifted students are provided with the education and opportunities they deserve. Her main goal is ensuring the social, emotional, physical and academic needs of gifted students are met in a happy, dynamic and healthy environment. Megan completed her Masters in Educational Leadership at UNSW in 2014. Megan’s proudest achievements as Principal is the establishment of a Creative and Performing Arts Faculty and a curriculum based on acceleration and enrichment to promote the development of successful, balanced and happy students.


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