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2017 WCGTC Biennial World Conference

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3.10.3 The effect of two interventions on high ability underachievers in an independent school

The presentation aims to report on a school-based action research project, IGNITE, studying the effects of using biographies as bibliotherapy and of differentiation techniques using the Maker Model to counter underachievement in a group of identified high ability underachievers at an independent school. The project uses the Achievement Orientation Model (Siegle & McCoach, 2005) as the framework and foundation that guides the experimentation with the two strategies chosen. IGNITE will report on the results of a group of year 7 and 9 students.


Lye Chan Long
Inaburra School

Lye Chan Long is Director of Research and Enrichment at Inaburra School with oversight of students with additional needs at both ends of the spectrum, K-12, as well as school based action research projects including a two year project into high ability underachievers in the secondary school. Lye Chan works with withdrawal groups and gifted individuals. Lye Chan is a Templeton Foundation Fellow and presented her doctoral work at the Wallace Symposium in Iowa, USA (2014).

Adrienne Erwin
Inaburra School

Adrienne Erwin is currently working with underachieving gifted students. She is also completing her Masters in Gifted Education. The most recent project is a two year research project focused on high ability underachievers in her independent K-12 school. Adrienne has completed a Masters in Education (IT) and has worked in the field for more than 20 years. Prior to being in the school environment she managed a support team for an international software company and travelled nationally and internationally to educate adults in the use of IT.


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