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2017 WCGTC Biennial World Conference

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4.2.4 The making of a modern day renaissance man (The unique case of Jozef Erece)

Jozef Erece is a Renaissance man: a lawyer, an author, a third-degree black belt, an orchestra violinist, a world class basketball player, a chess player and an entrepreneur, all at the age of 18. This presentation will focus on specific insights into special developmental milestones and parental strategies made in reaction to these milestones. It also attempts to describe the excellent collaborative work done in this special case to stimulate, nurture, and develop gifts and talents in an extreme case of accelerated learning from a parental viewpoint.


Maynard Erece
St. Augustine's College

Maynard Erece is an educator who has a passion for Gifted and Talented Education. He has taught in the Philippines, New Zealand and Australia. These differences in educational systems enabled him to enrich his pedagogy of teaching and learning. His passion for Gifted and Talented is not just on a professional but on a personal level being a father to a very unique case of Gifted and Talented.


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