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2017 WCGTC Biennial World Conference

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2.2.7 Differentiated group work on heightening continuing motivation for high ability Ecoliteracy learners

Year 2 Integrated Programme students at a Singapore Secondary School attend an Ecoliteracy module to foster greater passion, appreciate environmental conservation and sustainable living through advocacy. They were administered a Continuing Motivation (CM) survey before the module started. The Motivation Teaching Model (Dornyei, 2009) teaches students the facts of the Colony Collapse Disorder. With guidance, students form groups and brainstorm solutions to save the dwindling bee population. Each class had a differentiated group activity to tailor learning and better motivate students to brainstorm for solutions. The difference between the pre-survey and post-survey CM score (after the group work) was calculated.


Chee Yong Travis Tan
Singapore Chinese Girls' School

Travis is a 7 year old biology and chemistry teacher with the Ministry of Education and has taught in mainstream middle schools in Singapore. He has a deep interest in mentoring students for their research and learning new pedagogies to better engage his high ability learners. He has presented a paper in the 21st World Gifted Conference 2015.

Zhuang Huining, Joyce
Singapore Chinese Girls' School

Joyce has taught biology in middle school for more than 7 years and is a great advocate of ecoliteracy. She heads the environmental committee in her school and works with numerous staff to champion the importance of ecological balance and doing her part to make a difference to the world. Passionate in her dealing with students, Joyce is an efficient Year Head who handles the pastoral care of all her cohort students. She is patient and a has a big heart for students who crossed her path.


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