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2017 WCGTC Biennial World Conference

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4.5.5 Predictors of STEM career intentions for gifted international exchange students with Australian educational experiences

This mixed methods study investigated the predictors of STEM career intentions for gifted Brazilian undergraduate students with educational experiences in Australia. In the first phase, interviews were undertaken with 22 gifted Brazilian exchange students studying in STEM fields. Thereafter, the emerging themes were assessed using a survey completed by 374 gifted Brazilian exchange students. The findings indicated that intellectual stimulation predicted STEM career intentions for participants who had recently arrived in Australia, while intellectual stimulation, employment prospects, and income predicted STEM career intentions for participants who had studied in Australia for more than three months.


Peta K. Hay
The University of New South Wales

Dr Peta K. Hay is a lecturer at The University of New South Wales, teaching postgraduate and undergraduate gifted education. Her PhD examined the moral reasoning and empathy in gifted children, and Peta continues to be interested in the socio-emotional aspects of giftedness. Peta is part of UNSW’s miniCOGE team, who provide schools with professional learning on effective gifted and talented education.

Jae Yup Jung
The University of New South Wales

Dr. Jae Yup Jung is a Senior Lecturer, a GERRIC Senior Research Fellow and a former Australian Research Council DECRA Fellow in the School of Education at UNSW. The focus of his research is on the decision-making of gifted adolescents on topics such as careers, university entrance and friendships, usually incorporating cultural and motivational perspectives. His research has been recognised with awards from the American Educational Research Association and Mensa International. He is the editor of the Australasian Journal of Gifted Education and a member of the editorial boards of Gifted Child Quarterly and the Journal of Employment Counselling.

Tay T.R. Koo*

Tay Koo has an academic background in geography and economics with emphasis on aviation management. He studies tourism as an important channel through which greater understanding of the societal and spatial impact of commercial aviation can be gained. His primary research interest involves measuring and explaining the spatial (in)equality of visitor dispersal and its co-evolution with air transport network. Tay's primary publications are in the area of transport geography, air transport management, tourism management and tourism economics.


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