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2017 WCGTC Biennial World Conference

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3.11.2 The frustration inferno: Counselling gifted children experiencing chronic boredom and acute frustration

Most educators, medical practitioners, psychologists, and counsellors receive no specific training in working with gifted clients. Yet, by definition, gifted individuals are different from the norm, and practices that may work for others may not necessarily work for them. In this session, a psychologist and a counsellor-in-training will discuss the effects of chronic boredom and how easily extreme frustration can masquerade and be misinterpreted as mental health issues and learning difficulties.


Fiona Smith
Gifted Minds Pty Ltd

Fiona Smith is the Director of Gifted Minds Pty Ltd. She is a registered Psychologist and has a Masters Degree of Education, majoring in gifted education. Over the last eighteen years Fiona has assessed over 3000 gifted children, adolescents and adults. Fiona assesses gifted individuals all over Australia and has also done assessments in China and Hong Kong. She frequently talks to parent groups and teachers and has spoken about gifted children at State, National and International conferences since 1998. Fiona has a special interest in the needs of highly gifted children and the identification of creative-divergent (invisible) gifted children.

Dominic Westbrook*

Dominic Westbrook has a BA majoring in Sociology and English and is mid-way through his Graduate Diploma of Counselling at ACAP (Australian College of Applied Psychology). He has worked for many years as an aide in his mother Fiona's practice, Gifted Minds. Dominic wants to specialise in counselling gifted individuals who are experiencing issues with boredom and frustration and who wish to understand more about the impact these have on their profiles of intensity and sensitivity.


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