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2017 WCGTC Biennial World Conference

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3.3.5 The seven challenges of the gifted child

Being gifted is not, as some would say, just a gift or even a luxury problem. It comes with challenges, intellectually as well as socially. But what are those challenges and how to deal with them as a parent or educator? This workshop is about the seven main challenges as defined by thousands of teachers and parents. A Dutch bestseller, this book is now being published in English and its author will share the key insights, among them the question of how to overcome a fixed mindset and how to gain motivation for school.


Femke Hovinga
Take on Talents

Femke Hovinga had her goal clear since she was a first grader. She was struggling to be her gifted self in school and decided to make the school environment better. Grown-up and eventually graduated university, Femke founded Talentissimo, the European Platform for the Extremely and Profoundly gifted. She also is co-founder of Take on Talents, an international effort to guide parents of gifted children. Besides that, Femke is involved in several local efforts in giftedness in the Netherlands.

Tijl Koenderink
Take on Talents

Tijl Koenderink is an educational author and entrepreneur from Amsterdam, the Netherlands. He is driven by his own experiences as a child: tremendously bad school results despite an IQ-test score of over 150. To make life better for the young people who are in school now, Tijl started several companies, trained over 500 public schools, set up over 20 full-time gifted programs and created a drop-out center for gifted teenagers. To practice what he preaches, he started his own public school. Tijl is also publishing a book called ‘The 7 challenges of the gifted child’ in the US, mid 2017.


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