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2017 WCGTC Biennial World Conference

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2.5.3 Early childhood educator attitudes to giftedness and early entry

This research is a follow-up to a 1997 study and explores the changes, if any, in NSW based Australian early childhood educators’ knowledge and attitudes to gifted pre-schoolers. The earlier study focused on labelling, programming, and early childhood educator beliefs. These themes have been expanded to include early entry to school and to examine whether responses differ according to educator qualification levels. This research also seeks to identify gaps in early childhood service provisions for gifted children where programming is based solely on Australia’s currently approved National Quality Framework. The presentation includes helpful recommendations based on the findings.


Mimi Wellisch
Clever Kids Consultancy

Mimi Wellisch, PhD, holds degrees in Psychology and Early Childhood. She taught pre-schoolers for over 2 decades and later worked for DoCS, licencing and regulating NSW children’s services. Mimi has a passionate interest in gifted children, and has conducted research about NSW early childhood teacher attitudes towards gifted pre-schoolers and on the connection between IQ and attachment. Mimi is author of books and peer reviewed as well as other journal articles, and has presented at many local and international conferences. Mimi is a registered psychologist and Director of Clever Kids Consultancy, a consultancy for parents of young gifted children.


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