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2017 WCGTC Biennial World Conference

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2.11.3 Abstract voices of parents: Sharing evaluation of an education response to young gifted children

Two essential strands in education programming for young gifted children are providing a satisfying level of learning and evaluating the program as a basis for ongoing planning. In a one-day-school program which explicitly aims to extend rich and complex thinking by young gifted children, there are implicit goals to validate a healthy sense of self, resilience in facing challenges, and extend their social skills. Including parental voice as part of the evaluation and the planning process impacted on these goals. This paper will report on the evaluation process and discuss the nature and efficacy of parental feedback for ongoing planning.


Carolyn Giles
Born to Soar

Carolyn Giles an experienced and innovative educator, founded Born to Soar in 2013, providing educational learning opportunities for gifted students through Centres for Gifted and Talented (One Day Schools) located in Melbourne, virtual classrooms reaching gifted students across Australia and Asia and professional learning for teachers in gifted education. Currently holding positions as Talent Development Coordinator at Carey Baptist Grammar School; the Vice-President of the Victorian Association for Gifted and Talented Children and the Victorian head of Future Problem Solving Australia; she is a parent of gifted children and passionately advocates for gifted families and the teachers who support them.

Anne Grant
Deakin University

Anne has taught in the early childhood field for many years. She has worked with children who have a range of abilities from those identified as gifted through to children with severe developmental delay. She lectures at university level in gifted and early childhood education, at both undergraduate and post graduate level. Anne co-authored the DEECD online Resource “Making a Difference for Young Gifted and Talented Children” and is currently involved in writing on the educational needs of young gifted children.


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