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2017 WCGTC Biennial World Conference

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3.11.6 Talented and gifted: Music education for exceptional students

Students with talents that lie outside the traditional domain of academic excellence are often even more overlooked and underserved than their intellectually advanced counterparts. In particular, students with extraordinary musical talents are often forced to seek extracurricular enrichment opportunities to reach their full potential. Beyond their value for these talented students, musical study and engagement can provide benefits for more traditional gifted students as well. This session will examine the benefits of high-quality music instruction for both musically talented and academically gifted students, including a review of the research literature and specific recommendations for practice.


Marshall Haning
University of Florida
United States

Marshall Haning is Assistant Professor of Music Education at the University of Florida, where he teaches graduate and undergraduate classes in choral music education, the history, philosophy, and psychology of music education, and quantitative research methods. Dr. Haning’s research interests include music curricula, music teacher preparation, and the role of performance in the music education paradigm. He has had articles published in the Journal of Music Teacher Education and Contributions to Music Education, and is a frequent presenter at state, national, and international research conferences.


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