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2017 WCGTC Biennial World Conference

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3.3.9 Developing national programming for advancing the gifted and talented in Israel

During the past three years, the Maimonides Fund has been developing national programming for advancing the gifted and talented in Israel. Its rationale lies in the unique potential of the gifted and talented to impact fields of national priority, and their capacity to contribute significantly to advancing scientific and technological breakthroughs on a global scale. There are currently more than 900 high school students participating in our programs, all of which incorporate three core operational components: (1) co-funding between private philanthropy and Government, (2) nationwide implementation through institutions of higher education, and (3) individual support, social activities, and informal educational programming.


Eli Fried
Center for the Advancement of the Gifted and Talented, Maimonides Fund

Eli Fried is the Director General of the Future Scientists Center for Advancing the Gifted and Talented, operated by the Maimonides Fund. For the past three years, Eli has been creating and operating national gifted education programs in Israel. Prior to this, he served as advisor to the Director General of the Ministry of Education. With degrees in law and economics, Eli moved to Israel from Australia some 15 years ago, at which time he became involved in the fields of policy and education, working at Tel Aviv University's School of Government and Policy and with numerous private philanthropies.


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