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2017 WCGTC Biennial World Conference

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3.2.2 Architecture workshop for high talented children: Experience and method

The presenter will share the experience of working with highly talented children in the Architecture Workshop. The Architecture Workshop encourages playfulness, creativity, imagination, fun, spontaneity, empathy, and the development of personal relationships. The lived space is more than the physical space. A place, a square, a street, a building, trees, light, people, etc., give a frame and articulate structure. Architecture Workshops insist on the creation of own and shared spaces, where vision, smell, and touch generate other dimensions.


Ana Gallego
PHD architect

I am an architect since 2003. I am currently teaching architecture for high talented children for the Santiago de Compostela USC University initiative programm and I have been doing it since 2012. I am PhD in architecture since 2015 with cum laude mention and I am a member of the people-environment research group of the University of A Coruña. My principle researching interests are Landscape and Vernacular Architecture, Green public space in cities, and Architecture education for Children. I atended several ostgraduate courses at University of Technology in Helsinki, Finland and at the Architecture University of Barcelona, Spain.


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