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2017 WCGTC Biennial World Conference

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3.3.1 Russia: State of talents

For the first time in decades, a national review of young talents has been conducted across Russia. It is focused on practical implications for policy-makers, existing and potential providers, and learners and their families. The logic follows a holistic process of nurturing gifted youth from needs identification, through talent development, to a multi-faceted talent application. That is, to a personal, professional, and civic fulfilment in further life, and talent retention. Recent national initiatives are raising new hopes, pushing innovations, and addressing some of the deficiencies across the ecosystem.


Andrey Barkin
Council for Gifted (Russia)

Graduated from a prime national university at the age of 18, in physics and higher mathematics; hence, understand the opportunities and challenges that gifted youth are facing, from inside. MSc and MBA degree holder; since 2007 focused on education, human capital development, incl. public service / provider / non-profit dimensions. Since 2014 running a national organization to nurture young talents, including applied research on the state of talents.


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