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2017 WCGTC Biennial World Conference

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2.4.7 Partnerships with parents of young gifted children: Early childhood teachers’ perspectives in NSW, Australia

Despite a policy of partnership with parents and research evidence of reliable parent identification of giftedness, we know little about early childhood teachers’ experiences with parents of young gifted children. A survey of 80 teachers in New South Wales preschool and childcare settings showed reasonable alignment with recommended practice, based more on experience of gifted children than their minimal training in gifted education. Most teachers felt confident interacting with parents amid reported agreements and disagreements about children’s abilities and appropriate responses. Uncertainty about early entry, formal assessment, identification, and provision suggests that professional development is needed.


Kerry Hodge
Macquarie University

Dr Kerry Hodge has conducted research into giftedness in early childhood and its implications for children, their teachers and parents. She has lectured at undergraduate and postgraduate levels in gifted education at Macquarie University where she is an honorary associate. Kerry currently is Director of Research and Development at a Sydney non-profit organisation that delivers research-based education and support services to children aged 0-5 with special learning needs, their parents and teachers. Kerry was awarded the 2009 Nancy Fairfax Churchill Fellowship to investigate programs for gifted preschoolers and teacher training in early gifted education in North America and the UK.


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