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2017 WCGTC Biennial World Conference

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4.8.1 But I'm a second-grader! Benefits and challenges of gifted acceleration

Acceleration has long been championed by stakeholders in the education of gifted children. Many of the benefits of acceleration, however, are dependent upon the proper implementation of acceleration strategies. This symposium will include a variety of perspectives on acceleration, structured by and viewed through the lens of one gifted student’s personal experience. Practicing gifted educators from Australia and the United States will provide professional perspectives about his story, and a leading authority on gifted education will provide context and links to the research literature. Implications and recommendations for practice will be discussed.


Marshall Haning
University of Florida
United States

Marshall Haning is Assistant Professor of Music Education at the University of Florida, where he teaches graduate and undergraduate classes in choral music education, the history, philosophy, and psychology of music education, and quantitative research methods. Dr. Haning’s research interests include music curricula, music teacher preparation, and the role of performance in the music education paradigm. He has had articles published in the Journal of Music Teacher Education and Contributions to Music Education, and is a frequent presenter at state, national, and international research conferences.

Rachael Haning
Riverside Elementary School
United States

Rachael Grech Haning is a 10-year veteran teacher who has spent 5 years teaching exclusively gifted students. She holds a bachelor’s degree in gifted education from Kent State University, where she studied with Dr. James Delisle. Ms. Haning’s teaching career spans 2 states, and includes Menlo Park Academy, which is the only publicly funded charter school for gifted students in the state of Ohio. She currently teaches gifted education to 4th and 5th grade students in the Cleveland Metropolitan School District. When not teaching, she enjoys reading, travelling, and baking.

Emily Edwards
St. Andrews Cathedral School

Emily Edwards is a passionate educator, mother of three, and lifelong learner who currently serves as Deputy Head of Junior School, Pastoral Care Coordinator, and Gifted and Talented Coordinator at St. Andrew’s Cathedral School in Sydney, NSW. She has over 20 years of classroom experience, holds a Master’s degree in Gifted Education from UNSW and has conducted workshops on gifted education, twice-exceptional students, acceleration, and behaviour management, among other topics. Mrs. Edwards is also an Art and Drama teacher, a member of the Museum of Contemporary Arts Teachers Advisory Council, and a member of the Learning Spaces Committee.


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