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2017 WCGTC Biennial World Conference

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2.6.5 Planning and delivering learning for verbally gifted students in secondary school

Challenge: valuing the uniqueness of the verbally gifted child; recognising and nurturing their talent; propelling them towards attaining eminence. This challenge meant developing a model where the child became the centre of a circle of learning. The wise, independent, motivated, learner who had a voice that was central to their learning, and where the child had a realisation of academic self-efficacy. Initiating practice that acknowledged the relationship between verbal giftedness, intrinsic motivation and acknowledging personal epistemology was pivotal in striving for optimal growth from the child’s educational experience. Participants will use their mobile phones to be part of the experience.


Shane Kamsner
Carey Baptist Grammar School

Shane Kamsner is Head of Student Development at Carey Baptist Grammar School. He is a teacher and psychologist whose interest in the area of Gifted and Talented education has been focused on teaching best practice and the role of differentiation in support of highly students. Shane developed Carey’s model of curriculum focused delivery for highly able students and is a strong proponent of personalised learning. Shane has also been a sessional lecturer at the University of Melbourne and the Australian Catholic University in Melbourne in the area of The Psychology of Exceptional Learners.

Carolyn Giles
Carey Baptist Grammar School

Carolyn Giles an experienced and innovative educator, founded Born to Soar in 2013, providing educational learning opportunities for gifted students through Centres for Gifted and Talented (One Day Schools) located in Melbourne, virtual classrooms reaching gifted students across Australia and Asia and professional learning for teachers in gifted education. Currently holding positions as Talent Development Coordinator at Carey Baptist Grammar School; the Vice-President of the Victorian Association for Gifted and Talented Children and the Victorian head of Future Problem Solving Australia; she is a parent of gifted children and passionately advocates for gifted families and the teachers who support them.


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