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2017 WCGTC Biennial World Conference

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2.10.9 Being with like-minds: A mixed methods study of gifted children's perspectives

What does it mean to be like-minded? And what opportunities do gifted children have to engage with like-minded peers? This study used surveys and interviews to explore these questions with primary and intermediate students engaged in MindPlus, a one day a week programme of the New Zealand Centre for Gifted Education. A focus group of alumni explored and elaborated upon these findings, helping us understand the student experience and its implications. We will share the study design, findings, and implications for practice and research in this session.


Tracy Riley
Massey University
New Zealand

Associate Professor Tracy Riley works in the Institute of Education, and teaches gifted education at post graduate level, and supervises Masters and PhD students with research interests in gifted education and talent development. She is a lifetime member of giftEDnz: The Professional Association for Gifted Education, in recognition for her service as the founding Chairperson and a New Zealand Delegate to the World Council.

Deborah Walker
New Zealand Centre for Gifted Education
New Zealand

Deb is a New Zealand educator who has held various roles over the years in mainstream and specialised settings in NZ, Canada and the UK. She is currently the CEO of the NZCGE. She is passionate about leading positive change and, as a result of this, has played an integral part in the merger of the two organisations. She is avidly and actively committed to strength-based education and sustainability for the programme. Deb has a Masters of Education degree, with a focus on gifted, through Massey University and has completed a Graduate Diploma in Not-For-Profit Management Business Management from Unitec.


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