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2017 WCGTC Biennial World Conference

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2.10.1 Change management for gifted programming

Leading change in gifted education from the position of middle leadership can be a challenging undertaking. Despite this, it is possible to lead significant, transformational change. This session will apply John Kotter’s change management research to gifted education. This story of change management explores the process required for a paradigm shift in a large P-12 College, impacting the philosophy, vision, policy, strategy, programming, identification, and provisions for high potential learners. Key lessons from this experience will be shared to inform and inspire gifted education leaders, addressing strategies to grow influence and apply sound change management processes applicable to numerous educational settings.


Rachel Lam
Overnewton Anglican Community College

Rachel Lam is the Head of Talent and Potential at Overnewton Anglican Community College, a P-12 duel campus co-educational school. Rachel has been in this newly developed role since the beginning of 2016 and is implementing a large-scale change initiative across the College’s six sub-schools in terms of the philosophy, provisions and the management of programs for high potential learners. Previously, she has been a College leader as ‘Canowindra’ Head of Teaching and Learning, Middle School Humanities and Gifted Education Coordinator in various sub schools. Rachel is currently studying her Masters in Educational Management at the University of Melbourne.


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