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2017 WCGTC Biennial World Conference

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3.6.1 Developing a system-wide approach to gifted education

This paper traces the development of one school system's work in developing a system-wide approach to gifted education. Grounded in local data and evidence, research, and local contextual needs, we developed a series of recommendations to address a lack of attention to gifted education in any strategic way across our schools. This presentation describes the process of developing our system response to gifted education.


Craig Wattam
Catholic Schools Office Maitland-Newcastle

Craig has chaired the Gifted Education Working Party in the diocese of Maitland-Newcastle, which has been charged with the responsibility of developing and implementing a system-wide approach to gifted education. He has held senior roles in education in a number of dioceses in NSW. As Assistant Director of Schools and now principal of an independent Catholic College in Sydney, Craig is interested in ensuring that gifted learners are nurtured, catered for and engaged in their education.

Sally Brock
Catholic Schools Office Maitland-Newcastle

Sally Brock is the Education Officer Gifted Education K-12 for the Maitland-Newcastle diocese and a member of the diocese’s Gifted Education Committee. She has a particular interest in the development of a system-wide approach to gifted education. Sally is an experienced primary school educator, who has been responsible for the development and delivery of curriculum support to schools across the diocese. She has been instrumental in the delivery of professional development for staff to facilitate improvement in student academic performance.

Christine Chapple


Christine’s career in Education spans over 35 years. Christine was a secondary HSIE teacher and Studies Coordinator HSIE. In 2015 Christine took up the position of Education Officer (Secondary Curriculum) with the Maitland–Newcastle diocese. In this position she played an active role on the Diocesan Gifted and Talented Education Working Party with its prime task being the development and implementation of a strategic, system-wide approach to supporting gifted education in the diocese. She is continuing this work as a member of the Diocesan Gifted Education committee.


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