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2017 WCGTC Biennial World Conference

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2.1.1 Mentoring for gifted secondary students: A unique school/university partnership

Research and experience show that secondary schools do not always meet gifted adolescent students’ intellectual, creative, and affective needs. An extension mentoring program which fosters high-level challenge under expert guidance allows gifted students to follow academic and creative passions alongside like-minded peers. This presentation will explore the unique partnership between a leading Australian independent girls’ school, universities, and art galleries to implement an academically accelerated research program for gifted adolescents (14-17 years), allied with the school's ‘activity-reflection’ Student Portfolio. Developmental models underpinning the innovative program include: Gagné's DMGT 2.0, the Actiotope Model and the International Baccalaureate Learner Profile.


Susan Knopfelmacher
Presbyterian Ladies' College, Melbourne

Susan Knopfelmacher has worked for over thirty years in leading positions at University, State and Independent schools. Currently, she is Head of Gifted Education and Extension Programs at Presbyterian Ladies’ College, Melbourne, where she mentors engaged, passionate learners who represent Victoria and Australia in leading symposia, competitions and Olympiads. Susan runs a unique partnership with leading universities to provide academic research mentoring for high ability students and has presented numerous papers and workshops, nationally and internationally, on gifted teaching, learning, leadership and curriculum design. Susan is currently in her fourth term as an elected Australian Delegate to the WCGTC.


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