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2017 WCGTC Biennial World Conference

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4.6.3 School library user stereotypes – the students speak out! A mixed method study exploring the role of secondary school libraries in the lives of gifted students

Currently there is limited research available regarding the role that school libraries play in the lives of gifted students. This mixed-methods research provides insights into how secondary school students perceive, stereotype, and treat students considered to be the regular school library users and who often self-identify as academically gifted. The research explores and contrasts the similarities and differences in the perceptions of the regular school library users by those students who self-describe as academically gifted and those who do not identify themselves as gifted. Several potential implications of the reported peer stereotyping are discussed, including well-being and academic achievement.


Mariusz Sterna
Flinders University

Mariusz Sterna is a doctoral candidate researching the experiences and perceptions of school libraries by gifted students. He is currently working as a senior secondary Mathematics teacher and a School Library Coordinator at a large secondary college in South Australia. For a number of years Mariusz has also worked at Flinders University Central Library. As an educator, Mariusz has a strong interest in working with students from both sides of the ‘ability spectrum’ and particularly gifted students. Mariusz holds a Master of Gifted Education degree and is a member of GTCASA (Gifted and Talented Children's Association of South Australia).


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