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2017 WCGTC Biennial World Conference

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1 Accounting for creativity: English teachers' understandings of creative practice across different educational contexts

This poster explores the findings of research about English teachers’ understandings of creativity and creative practice, conducted across different education sectors, including supplementary gifted and talented programs. A narrative inquiry based approach was used to generate the data, as teachers were encouraged to speak about creative experiences, reflect upon their teaching practice, and identify what they considered to be examples of creativity in their students. Teachers discussed their views of creativity and its place in education, as well as the effects of assessment and the limitations and opportunities for creativity in different contexts.


Narelle Wood
Monash University

Narelle Wood is currently working on her PhD specifically focussing on teacher understandings of creativity and creative practises. Having an unusual combination of Science and English methodologies has resulted in some incredible opportunities for Narelle to follow her passion to work creatively, including teaching in Cambodia, leading teacher training workshops, and teaching workshops for gifted and talented primary school students throughout Australia and internationally. Narelle has worked as Head of English and Literacy and as a sessional teacher in the Education Faculty at Monash University. Narelle also consults with schools on curriculum design and implementing different learning and assessment strategies.


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