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2017 WCGTC Biennial World Conference

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2.4.2 Holistic assessment and technology: Reaping the benefits

The holistic development, judgment and assessment partnership is vital in terms of its influence on the socioemotional and educational welfare of gifted individuals - personally and institutionally. Understanding and knowledge grows. Better quality environments are provided. Specific needs are more mindfully accommodated. Acquiring and managing necessarily rich data can be stressful. However, a variety of technological tools are available which save time while adding value and credibility to assessments. They can simplify data collection, management and exploration; facilitate critical thinking, problem finding and solving; clarify issues; enhance interventions: monitor response to interventions; and improve the efficacy and outcome of communication.


Trevor Tebbs
Castleton University & Chandelier Assessments
United States

Trevor is a veteran educator of 47 years. After settling in Vermont, he attended the University of Connecticut where studies with Renzulli resulted in an advanced degree in Educational Psychology. After building a private practice and working with gifted young people, their parents, teachers, school psychologists and counselors, he has primarily focused on holistic assessment. Life has led Trevor in many interesting psychoeducationally related directions, including being assistant editor of GTI, teaching in the USA, Canada, England, Poland, Switzerland and Ukraine. Presently he is Associate Editor of the International Journal for Talent Development and Creativity (ITJTDC).


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