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2017 WCGTC Biennial World Conference

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3.9.4 Essential connections: Inspiring and promoting creative teacher leadership to transform gifted education

What essential knowledge, skills, connections, and dispositions are needed by teachers of the gifted in a global and digital age of accountability and international comparative studies? Beyond this question is the urgent need to transform gifted education to engage teachers and learners in mutual creative problem-solving to address global challenges. This symposium will examine the role of the teacher and address this complex question in 4 parts: developing creative leadership; teaching and learning using authentic and virtual connections; examining “craft knowledge” and professional workplace learning; and the assessment of intervention strategies to promote creativity in training teachers of the gifted.


Gillian Eriksson
University of Central Florida
United States

Gillian Eriksson, Ph.D. is a Lecturer/Coordinator of Gifted Education, at the University of Central Florida. She was a South African then USA delegate to the World Council for Gifted and Talented Children, has presented at 14 World Gifted conferences. She is a consultant editor and widely published in gifted education. She is the PI for Project ELEVATE (Jacob K. Javits Grant). She coordinates study programs to The Netherlands, England, and South Africa. She has received awards for UCF Women of Excellence for Global Achievement (2016); Teaching Excellence; Golden Psi Award of Excellence (APA); Internationalization; Minority Mentorship and a Fulbright scholarship.

Dorothy Sisk
Lamar University
United States

Dr. Dorothy Sisk is the author and co-author of eleven books, including: The Growing Person, Intuition: An Inner Way of Knowing, Leadership Making Things Happen; Gifted Children in the Regular Classroom and Spiritual Intelligence: Developing Higher Consciousness; A Futures Primer; Leadership: A special type of Giftedness; Enhancing the gift of Leadership; Collective Literacy: Using Gifted Strategies to Enrich Learning for Every Student; and Creative Teaching of the Gifted and Making Great Kids Greater. Her articles appear in the major journals of gifted education including: Understanding Our Gifted, Roeper Review, Gifted and Talented International, Gifted Education International, and Tempo.

Margaret Sutherland
University of Glasgow
United Kingdom

Dr. Margaret Sutherland lectures at the University of Glasgow. She is the Director of the Scottish Network for Able Pupils and Deputy Director of the Centre for Research and Development in Adult and Lifelong Learning with 33 years teaching experience. She has written papers, chapters and books in gifted education including, Gifted and Talented in the Early Years. She speaks at conferences and has worked across the UK and in Tanzania; Malawi; Korea; Virginia, USA; Slovenia; The Netherlands; Poland and Denmark. She is an elected member of the general committee of ECHA and an Executive member of the WCGTC.


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