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2017 WCGTC Biennial World Conference

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2.3.5 Global use of gifted students' drawn images to personalize educational differentiation

We invite gifted students into the process of their own education by asking them to draw actual and ideal school images. Research across cultures has shown that there is a universal language of school preferences. However, when students select an image to depict from all the possible images, it is because it is important to them and thus to us as their teachers. This session will present case studies of how this information has been used to plan individually appropriate talent development experiences for high achieving and culturally diverse students across all grade levels and in all content areas.


Dorothy Armstrong
Grand Valley State University
United States

Dorothy Ciner Armstrong is a professor in the Leadership and Learning Department at Grand Valley State University, Grand Rapids MI. She teaches courses in and coordinated master’s programs for talent development for many years. Her research has focused on bringing the voice of gifted students into the process of their own education. She developed the ADAPT system that uses the learning characteristics of gifted students to guide effective and appropriate differentiation. Within ADAPT, teachers use Classroom Cues and Classroom Visions. While teachers and parents make educational decisions, these techniques allow students to be actively involved in their own education.


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