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2017 WCGTC Biennial World Conference

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2.7.6 Reading and the gifted: Developing a program of reading with a global perspective

Many of our gifted/talented students are strong readers, but too often they receive little or no instruction in developing advanced reading skills. In their reading, they are not led into depth and complexity, key elements in reading instruction for the gifted/talented. In this session, research and theory will be transformed into classroom practices to develop an appropriate approach to reading instruction. As time allows, we will re-visit the presenter’s 1989 Sydney World Conference presentation, which focused on the paring of American children’s and young adult literature with Australian literature with new titles.


Robert (Bob) Seney
Mississippi University for Women
United States

Dr. Seney, Professor Emeritus/Gifted Studies, is actively involved in gifted education through consulting, teacher and parent workshops, and presenting at conferences. Called “the Book Guy” because of his work on gifted readers, his presentation, “What’s New in Young Adult Literature,” is a regular session at NAGC. He reads actively to create his annual Lists, shared with teachers, librarians, and parents. Publications on reading include columns for NAGC’s Teaching for High Potential and for 2e Newsletter. University service includes Director of Educational Graduate Programs, primary instructor in the Masters of Gifted Studies program and Director of the Mississippi Governor’s School.


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