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2017 WCGTC Biennial World Conference

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3.5.3 Special schools for the gifted in Saudi Arabia, Jordan, and Egypt: Past, present and future

The study aims to evaluate the current policy and practices related to gifted education in the gifted schools located in Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and Jordan. Second, it focuses on policies and guidelines in gifted education among the chosen countries and the benefits of modern practices in some advanced nations in gifted education. A qualitative approach using case studies will be used to evaluate some schools in three countries. The data will be collected through document analysis and semi-structured interviews with decision-makers, principals, and teachers.


Nasser Almutairi
Monash University and Saudi Arabia Cultural Mission

Nasser Almutairi is a new PhD candidate at Monash University. He has studied a master’s degree in Jordan in teaching gifted students. He was working as a teacher and trainer for talented students in Saudi Arabia before coming to Australia. Dealing with talented students inspired him to focus on the importance of existing a clear policy in order to provide qualified services to meet the needs of talented students. He has participated in some training programs in special schools for the gifted in Jordan and Saudi Arabia.


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