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2017 WCGTC Biennial World Conference

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25 Multi-genre projects: Rigor and creativity in the classroom

Have you ever wondered how to enhance the instruction of your content in such a way that students are challenged, engaged, enthusiastic, and proud to share their learning? Multi-genre projects allow learners to expand their knowledge and communicate to others in a variety of genres. Over the last 10 years, we have incorporated multi-genre projects into our instruction to deepen learning, encourage independence, and allow the creativity and voice of learners to shine. Our poster presentation will highlight related research, offer suggestions for guidelines for engaging learners in multi-genre projects, and showcase examples from kindergartners through graduate students.


Susanna Hapgood
University of Toledo
United States

Dr. Susanna Hapgood is an Associate Professor at the University of Toledo's Department of Curriculum and Instruction. There she teaches undergraduate and graduate classes on literacy teaching and learning. Her research interests include the design of texts and experiences that foster young children's content area literacy, particularly scientific literacy. A qualitative researcher, she has over 20 years experience in science education in classrooms and informal settings. She has published articles Educational Leadership, Elementary School Journal and the Journal of the Learning Sciences.

Martha Champa
Martha Champa
United States

  Dr. Martha Champa is an educator fascinated by the learning experiences of her students. Through the years, she has taught young people in all grades, from grade 1 through graduate school. Currently, she prepares teachers in literacy instruction at the University of Toledo. To keep herself grounded in day-to-day practice, she also teaches gifted middle school students at Washington Local Schools in Toledo, Ohio. She has been observing the effect of teaching content while incorporating creativity. These observations led her to the topic of her doctoral dissertation: creativity from the perspective of young creators.


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