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2017 WCGTC Biennial World Conference

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2.5.6 Identifying the gifted when valid & reliable measures don't exist and a shortage of resources

Most of the literature regarding the identification of the gifted and talented is highly centred around using instruments that currently exist. However, most of these instruments have not been examined to determine validity and reliability in most other countries outside of where they were developed. The goal of our parallel session is for the audience to feel that they have left with a variety of strategies about how to use existing resources or efficiently develop new resources to use in their country when there are no valid or reliable measures to identify the gifted.


Leticia Jaquez
Instituto de Talentos y Prodigios (Institute of Talents and Prodigies), INTALPRO, Inc. & Universidad Catolica Nordestana (UCNE)
United States

Leticia Jáquez is one of the founders of the Dominican non-profit organization for the gifted and talented, Instituto de Talentos y Prodigios(INTALPRO), Inc. She is the project director for the grade 5-12 school for the gifted and talented under development in the Dom. Rep, Academia Oportunidad. In 2014, Jaquez participated in the Dominican national committee for educational reform. She recently published a chapter in Gifted Children of Color Around the World. Jaquez’s experience in administration, her dedication to social responsibility, and her identification as a gifted individual has made her an ideal advocate for gifted education in the Dominican Republic.

Roman Jaquez*
Instituto de Talentos y Prodigios & Universidad Catolica Nordestana (UCNE)
United States

Roman Jáquez is a PhD candidate in Education at the Fundación Universitaria Iberoamericana (FUNIBER). He graduated as an electro-mechanical engineer from PUCMM in Santiago, Dominican Republic. He also holds a master’s in management from Lesley University. Roman is also one of nine founders of the Lowell Community Charter Public School (LCCPS). He was the chairman of the board of directors for five consecutive years. He is a board member of LCCPS foundation arm, Friends of LCCPS, Inc. Roman believes that randomness should be replaced by a more deterministic educational approach in bringing the Dominican society’s best and brightest to fulfillment.


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