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2017 WCGTC Biennial World Conference

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2.1.4 That was then; This is now: New opportunities for gifted/talented African American males

In this session, we will address the unique needs of African American males in being identified for gifted programs and serving them with the additional support needed to respond to the cultural demands, often negative, within their community. We will then project responses and approaches used to address this unique population to define processes, procedures, and concepts for an international and global perspective to assist other cultures in addressing the needs of minority cultures within their predominant cultures.


Mark Mishou
Denver Public Schools
United States

Mark Mishou, BS, BAS, ME, a Doctoral Candidate at the University of Denver, has served in gifted education for 22 years as teacher of the gifted, director of gifted programs and currently a Gifted Education Coordinator in the Denver Public Schools. In these positions, his focus is increasing identification of multicultural populations for gifted programing. His dissertation topic is teacher perceptions that limit nominations for gifted identification. He has served as the Assistant Director of the Texas Honors Program and Assistant Director of the Mississippi Governor’s School. He served on the Organizing Committee of the 2005 New Orleans World Conference.


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