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2017 WCGTC Biennial World Conference

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4.3.2 Creativity as described by young, Ekphrastic Poetry Contest winners

"There is no time for creativity. We have too much content to cover" are words often heard in educational settings. However, the eight young creators who participated in my study have strong opposing beliefs about creativity in schools. This session will give a brief background to how this study came about, will present the findings of this qualitative, descriptive case study, and will conclude with the implications of the findings. Hopefully, their experiences with creativity will illuminate the value of creativity in the lives of young learners and give insight into how creativity impacts their learning and their well-being.


Martha Champa
University of Toledo
United States

Dr. Martha Champa is an educator fascinated by the learning experiences of her students. Through the years, she has taught young people in all grades, from grade 1 through graduate school. Currently, she prepares teachers in literacy instruction at the University of Toledo. To keep herself grounded in day-to-day practice, she also teaches gifted middle school students at Washington Local Schools in Toledo, Ohio. She has been observing the effect of teaching content while incorporating creativity. These observations led her to the topic of her doctoral dissertation: creativity from the perspective of young creators.


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