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2017 WCGTC Biennial World Conference

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2.2.8 From reluctant writer to masterful author: Pedagogy that supports the young gifted child’s writing development

How do we harness the power of the young gifted child’s imagination and creativity and empower them to become confident masterful authors? Teachers as researchers tracked outcomes and contributed to the advancement of our understanding of gifted pedagogy. Participants will learn about the 5 pronged approach that we used to effectively teach writing to young gifted children. Using illustrative writing samples, we describe the high impact practices that produced tangible improvement in young children’s literacy learning. We challenge participants to re-examine and move beyond their current thoughts and perspectives of teaching writing to young gifted students.


Michelle Bence
Unversity of Calgary

Michelle has been teaching in gifted education for the last 17 years with a focus on providing qualitatively differentiated programming for gifted learners. Michelle’s other passion is literacy. She shepherds a joint research study with the University of Calgary investigating best practices in writing instruction for gifted students. Michelle is currently completing her Masters through the University of Calgary, researching the effects of teacher professional development on classroom literacy practice.


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