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2017 WCGTC Biennial World Conference

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3.2.4 A case study: A comparison of identification and assessment processes between second and fourth grade students enrolled in Turkish Science and Art Centers (SACs): From the experts’ perceptions

SACs are the unique formal institutions in Turkey which were founded by government since 2006 as an intervention challenge for the special needs of gifted students. There is a debate among Turkish professionals that indicates some concerns about whether the students’ identification and assessment should start from the first or fourth grades. Last year the National Ministry of Education decided that identification should start in the first grade instead of fourth grade. There is not any study showing the scientific necessaries about this issue to be able to solve the debate.


Abdullah Eker
Necmettin Erbakan Unversity

I m research assistant and doctorate student in Necmettin Erbakanb Universty. Bachelor Degree from İstanbul University and Master Degree from Anadolu University about Gifted Education in Special Education Department. Now continue researchs and studies in the same area.

Hakan Sarı*

Prof.Dr. Hakan Sarı is the head of Special Education Department in Necmettin Erbakan University, Konya Turkey. Also he was previous General director of Special Education and Educational Psychology Department at Turkish National Ministry of Education.

His master degree is from Warwick University, UK and Doctorate degree from Oxford Brooks University UK about special education. He is focused and experienced on special education about 35 years and working as a professor in the same university since 1999.


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