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2017 WCGTC Biennial World Conference

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2.11.7 Using conceptual frameworks, tiered inquiry and assessment to engage gifted learners in mixed ability classrooms

This session engages teachers with practical strategies to design differentiated curriculum and assessment using conceptual frameworks in order to engage the gifted learners in their classrooms in meaningful inquiry-based teaching and learning processes. Discussion on current practice, the needs or requirements of particular school and educational system priorities, and the research, which supports these processes, will be undertaken. Action research projects which examined the impact of using conceptual frameworks will be also be shared.


Bronwyn MacLeod
Gateways Education

Bronwyn MacLeod has postgraduate qualifications in Gifted Education from UNSW, is the author of five texts on curriculum differentiation and gifted education, and the author of Module 5 of the Australian Government’s Gifted and Talented Teaching Package. She has facilitated and published action research projects for schooling systems throughout Australasia and was the Convenor of the Postgraduate Certificate of Gifted Education and Gifted Education courses at UNSW for over six years. Bronwyn has taught mixed ability and self-contained gifted classes from K – 12 in government and independent schools and currently works with schools throughout Australia, Europe, Asia and Africa.


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