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2017 WCGTC Biennial World Conference

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12 The context of cultivating creative and innovative talents under the contemporary maker movement: An analysis of American cases and Taiwan's experience

Taiwan’s government has made a prolonged effort in fostering creativity in students. This research aims to conduct in-depth interviews with makers who have set up leading makerspaces in formal and informal educational systems in Taiwan, and to explore the context of these spaces which help people to develop creativity and innovation skills. Simultaneously, the researcher also analysed the successful experiences of famous creative learning environments (e.g. the MIT Media Lab) in cultivating creative people and further learned from their ideas and operating models.


National Taiwan Normal University

Yung-Ling Chi is a teacher and also a PhD student now. She has taught gifted students in an elementary school in Taipei, Taiwan since five years ago. Her passion in gifted and talented education is especially children’s creativity, psychology and family part, so she is trying her best in exploring the issues.


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