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2017 WCGTC Biennial World Conference

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3 An exploratory study about the social and emotional development of gifted children

The purpose of the current study was to explore the social and emotional development of gifted children. To accomplish this purpose, the study explored theoretically the concept of and the variables related to gifted children's social and emotional development. Based on the previous research and theoretical considerations, the study suggested the educational tasks for improving gifted students' social and emotional development: Improving their autonomy, making and sustaining successfully their interpersonal relationships (the quality of relationships to parents, teachers, and friends), harmonising their achievement adjustment with their process adjustment, and facilitating their self-esteem.


Ehun-Shik Moon
Kangwon National University
South Korea

I am teaching educational psychology and Curriculum to preservice kindergarten teachers in Kangwon National Uninversity, korea. My main research areas are gifted education, self-determined theory, and psychological well-being.


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