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2017 WCGTC Biennial World Conference

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3.6.6 Student-led action research for the primary grades: Growing gifted students into civic minded inquisitive researchers

Student-led action research can be a highly effective instructional model to develop critical thinking and leadership skills in gifted and talented students during the primary grades. Many of the student research models currently being used in schools focus on students in the intermediate grades and higher. Teachers in our full time gifted program have created a proven and successful action research approach for gifted students in grades K-2 that cultivates research, critical thinking, and leadership skills. This workshop shares an easy to implement action research model created by teachers that is specifically designed for gifted students in the primary grades.


Katherine Martin
Ridgecrest Elementary
United States

Katherine Martin is a Curriculum Specialist at Ridgecrest Elementary Center for Gifted Studies, Pinellas County Schools, Largo, Florida (USA). She holds a M.S. in School Leadership from The University of Akron and a B.S. in Human Development from Lee University. Mrs. Martin has over 15 years of diverse teaching and administrative experience in public, private, charter, and Department of Defense schools in the United States and Belgium. She has worked with ESOL, special needs, Title I, and gifted learners. Kate has previously presented at the Florida Association for the Gifted Conference and the National Association of Gifted Children Conference.

Michael Moss*

Dr. Michael Moss is the current principal at the Ridgecrest Elementary School Center for Gifted Studies in Largo, Florida. He has worked in public education as both a teacher and administrator for over 23 years. He earned his doctorate degree in curriculum and instruction from the University of Florida. He has conducted research and published on the topic of teacher-driven job-embedded peer coaching as an effective approach to professional development. Dr. Moss' current work centers around implementing student-led action research which empowers students to become real world problem solvers by developing inquiry and leadership skills.

Carmela Fowler*

Carmela Fowler is a primary teacher at Ridgecrest Elementary School Center for Gifted Studies. She holds a bachelor in Primary and Elementary Education and a Masters in Educational Leadership. During her 15 years teaching in the full time gifted program at Ridgecrest Elementary in grades spanning from first to third, she has focused on developing real world applications of learning to provide students with authentic and viable avenues to construct meaning from their learning. She has previously presented on this topic at the Florida Association for the Gifted Conference as well as the National Association for Gifted Children Conference.


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