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2017 WCGTC Biennial World Conference

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4.4.1 Creative Characteristics and Strategies for Developing Creative Potential in Teachers' Perception

This research aimed to describe how teachers perceive the creative characteristics in themselves, other people and their students and how they establish strategies to develop creativity in the classroom. The participants were 75 teachers of basic education. The results revealed that there are differences in the teachers' perception related to gender, age and teaching time. Personality traits, creative thinking skills, and academic and artistic skills were most recognized by teachers, while the strategies and activities adopted were associated with the expression of ideas and the production of texts and drawings. The need for investment in teacher training was evidenced.


Jane Farias Chgaas Ferreira
University of Brazilia

I'm PhD in Human Development Processes, professor from the Department of Educational and Developmental Psychology, Institute of Psychology, University of Brazilia.


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