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2017 WCGTC Biennial World Conference

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3.7.1 Human raising with relationships in mind - The scientific way

Most of us want happy, healthy, fulfilling connections. The social dynamic is hugely influential in its ability to impact all areas of life, at all ages. However, we weren’t brought up knowing what was required to ‘do relationship.’ Yet, successful relationships have essentially been reverse-engineered. There’s a formula which provides more than 90% accuracy. Utilising more than four decades of multi-dimensional and extensive research you’ll learn: 1) The 7 steps to building a sound relationship 2) To easily differentiate between Masters and Disasters of relationships 3) How to model the traits required to lead by example for the next generation


Katerina Morjanoff


Katerina Morjanoff was a high school drop-out, teen parent, runaway, and tends to do things in a slightly ‘professionally incorrect’ way. She was also one of the youngest Montessori Association Presidents ever, has featured in books and the media on a variety of topics including her work in the tech startup ecosystem. She represented Australia in ice-skating at age 15 and brings many of the intense lessons learned as an athlete into the educational arena. Her insights into Human Raising have been constantly requested, and she is now willing to appear on stage to share them.


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