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2017 WCGTC Biennial World Conference

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2.11.9 Raising the quality of gifted and talented education through interdisciplinary learning

This study aims to diagnose the current state of interdisciplinary learning in gifted education and proposed ways to raise the quality of gifted education through interdisciplinary learning. Pointing out the problem of ambiguity of interdisciplinary learning and limited use of STEAM education, attempts were made to redefine the notion of interdisciplinary learning. In-depth interview and surveys were conducted at the Science Academy for the Gifted in South Korea to analyse how faculty and students conceptualise interdisciplinary learning and how they implement it in their curriculum. This study also examined universities’ stance on interdisciplinary learning and their evaluation of curriculum of SAG.


Ju Ah Kim
Korean Educational Development Institute
South Korea

She is a research fellow at national research center for gifted and talented education at Korean Educational Research Institute(KEDI) in South Korea. She had been a principal invastigator in the government funded research projects such as "Designing the longditudinal study for the gifed(2017-2041)(2015)", "Development of curriculum of Science and Arts Academy for the Gifted(2014)", and "Setting standard for gifted education program in humanities(2014)". Her main research topics are curriculum and pedagogy for the gifted, integated learning, creativtiy,and longitudinal research.

Mi Kyung Lee*

Cheonnam national univerity
South Korea

She is a professor in Cheonnam national university teaching music theory to pre-serviece teachers. She was reserch fellow at national research center for gifted and talented education at Korean Educational Research Institute(KEDI)and conducted reserch project on creativity and gifted education in music. Her main reserch topics are music theory,interdisciplinary learning, creativity, and talent identification in music.

Daniel Suh*

South Korea

He is a professor at Creative IT Engineering department of POSTEC. He teaches social innovation, organizational Structure, innovation economics, and entrepreneurial finance. He had conducted reseach project on innovation on selection criteria for freshman of POSTECH. His main reserch topics are innovation, creativity, and identification of the gifted.


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