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2017 WCGTC Biennial World Conference

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4.6.1 Gender, levels of intelligence, academic performance, and perfectionism in Indonesian gifted and non-gifted students

Perfectionism is a characteristic commonly associated with gifted individuals. Much has been learned about perfectionism, but few studies have been conducted in Indonesian gifted and non-gifted students population. The current study examines gender, levels of intelligence, and academic performance as predictors of student’s perfectionism. The participants of the study were 169 students ages 18-20 (33 males,136 females) recruited from The Faculty of Psychology in Indonesia. All participants completed Frost Multidimensional Perfectionism Scale translated into the Indonesian language. Multiple Regression showed that levels of perfectionism was significantly predicted by student’s level of intelligence and gender, but not academic performance.


Fitriani Yustikasari Lubis
University of Indonesia

Fitriani Y. Lubis is a lecturer in the Faculty of Psychology Universitas Padjadjaran in Indonesia. She is currently taking her PhD Program in Universitas Indonesia. In 2007, She joined advisory team for acceleration class for gifted students education program held in West Java. The team ended in 2014, however since then she has done and continued to do several researches related with gifted students. Her dissertation topic is about perfectionism in gifted students.

Lydia Freyani Hawadi*

Lydia Freyani Hawadi is a Professor in Faculty of Psychology University of Indonesia, specializing in giftedness. She actively teaches and guides students who are doing researches in giftedness. In 2000, she initiated acceleration class in Indonesia education program to answer its needs for gifted students curriculum in school. She also one of the founder of Asosiasi Psikologi Sekolah Indonesia (APSI, Association for School Psychologist in Indonesian) aimed to assist the needs of exceptional students, especially gifted students. She has published a number of the books about Giftedness in Indonesia.

Rose Mini Agoes Salim*

Rose Mini Agoes Salim is a lecturer at The Departement of Educational Psychology University of Indonesia and now served as the Head of Applied Psychology Magister Program in Faculty of Psychology University of Indonesia. She is also the founder and owner of Sekolah Taman Kreativitas Anak Indonesia (TKAI). Her research related with Multiple Intelligence and Creativity. She has published 7 series of Multiple Intelligence books and Multiple Intelligence Reference book for parents and teachers. She also has published a book about creativity.

Urip Purwono*

Urip Purwono is a lecturer at the Departement of Clinical Psychology University of Padjadjaran, Indonesia. Graduated from the University of Massachusetts, USA specializing in psychometrics and educational measurement/evaluation. Founder of the Center for Psychometric Study, UNPAD, his methodological research interest includes test theory, test construction, test adaptation, and structural equation modeling. In addition, he also does many works related to cognitive and educational test development to be used in Indonesia’s setting. He is currently the first Vice President of Indonesian Psychological Association (HIMPSI) and the President Elect of the Asean Regional Union of Psychological Society (ARUPS).


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