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2017 WCGTC Biennial World Conference

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3.11.1: Cancelled

Gender differences in career aspirations and outcomes has been an ongoing interest to researchers and educators, including the field of gifted education. In 1989, Reis, Callahan, and Goldsmith published findings from a study of intellectually gifted students’ attitudes towards future educational options, career choices, family, and school achievement. Their research also examined gender differences in gifted students’ attitudes towards education, career, and family. This presentation will report about a study of gifted adolescents attending the same program two decades later, in which they were administered a questionnaire with many of the same items included in the original research.


This session has been cancelled


Dr Jane Jarvis is a Senior Lecturer in Education at Flinders University, where she teaches and conducts research in special education and gifted education. She received her PhD in Educational Psychology (Gifted Education) from the University of Virginia, and her professional experience includes work as a school counsellor, teacher and administrator in programs for gifted students.


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