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2017 WCGTC Biennial World Conference

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4.10.5 ADHD and the gifted child: Dual exceptionality or paradox?

There exists a pervasive belief that behaviours which may be characteristic of ADHD in some children can be explained by other means in gifted children: "He is just bored and acts out" or "He is just lazy." Although such behaviours in gifted children do not necessarily equate to a diagnosis of ADHD, the possibility should not be automatically discounted. By seeking a deeper understanding of ADHD through current research, examining the sub-types (or presentations), understanding the impact ADHD can have on the child’s life and learning, as well as consulting with professionals, one can determine the factors at play for individual children.


Melinda Gindy
Australian Association for the Education of the Gifted and Talented

Melinda Gindy is a music teacher (B.arts, Grad.dip.ed, Grad.cert.gifted.ed, M.M.T.A) with past experience teaching across both primary and secondary classroom settings. She has also directed and taught in a private music school since 2001. Her recent post graduate studies delivered a free evidence-based resource for music teachers,, focussed on meeting the needs of twice-exceptional children. Melinda is the co-founder and president of GFSG Inc., the NSW State gifted association. She represents NSW on the AAEGT, as well as serving as the national associations’ Vice-President. Melinda is on the Local Organising Committee of the 22nd Biennial World Conference.


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